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[hts-users:03378] Student events on Interspeech 2012

Dear all,

Last year the Student Roundtable "Students meet Experts" at Interspeech 2011 was a success, and you can check the wonderful reports from our student participants here:

Following that, ISCA Student Advisory Committee would like to invite you to the Student events at Interspeech 2012. This year, two student event will be held. They are:

1. "Students meet Experts"
Within the format an informal lunch you can discuss interesting research topics, issues and future challenges with prominent members of the scientific community. This event will happen on September 11th during the lunch break. To participate as a student, you should pre-register on this page:

2. "Students discover Industrial career challenges"
As students, you have two possible paths ahead of you in the future: Academy or Industry. We are organizing this event aiming to promote communication between students and seniors/professionals from industry. We expect the representatives from several companies to share their idea of the future in the field. This event will happen on September 12th at 13:30 - 15:30. To participate as a student, you should pre-register on this page:

ISCA SAC events are free of charge and is open only to students who will attend this year's Interspeech, 2012, in Portland Oregon.

Xingyu Na (那兴宇)
Beijing Institute of Technology
naxingyu at {facebook, twitter, linkedin}