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[hts-users:03390] Re: measure of labeled data for initialization


If you have correct labeled data, your technique may work well.
But, if your labeled data don't have correct segmentation, I recommend
the flat start technique with DAEM algorithm.

Keiichiro Oura

2012/7/12 Ramil Məmmədov <ramil2319@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear HTS users,
> I want to devolop models with labeled and unlabeled data in my language. So,
> in initialization i used labeled data and after i used unlabeled data. Does
> anyone have any suggestions about measure of labeled data on initialization?
> For example, can i use 20 labeled and 100 unlabeled utterance for "auu"
> phonem?

[hts-users:03383] measure of labeled data for initialization, Ramil Məmmədov