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You can train the speaker dependent model with 200 utterances.
Incidentally, the effects of the data size were reported in the following paper.

Jinfu Ni, Hisashi Kawai,
``On the effects of transcript errors across dataset sizes on
HMM-based voices,''
ASJ 2011 autumn, 3-8-6, pp. 339-342, 2011.

Keiichiro Oura

2012/11/10 Mohamed Khalil <krichi_moha@xxxxxxxx>:
> hello every body,
> I try to train HTS with new language, my database is small ( 200 files )
> when I train the error is information not enough, I can added other files
> with other person
> what number files( labels)    to succeed training HTS?
> thanks a lot

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