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[hts-users:03476] Question about HTS_lsp2mgc in hts_engine_API-1.06?

In hts_engine_API-1.06,  HTS_lsp2mgc are used  to transform LSP to MGC.
it's first step is HTS_lsp2lpc,
second is HTS_mgc2mgc(v, mgc, m, alpha, v->gamma, mgc, m, alpha, v->gamma);
 I can not understand why using the function mgc2mgc?the lsp2lpc function has  transform LSP to lpc,why added the mgc2mgc?especially the parameters transformed are same?
 As far as I know,mgc2mgc transforms mel-generalized cepstral coefficients; mgc2mgc can transform frequency and generalized cepstral ([alpha1、gamma1] -》[alpha12、gamma2]),but now the transformed  parameters are same? why? mgc2mgc function is necessary?

[hts-users:03477] Re: Question about HTS_lsp2mgc in hts_engine_API-1.06?, Heiga ZEN (Byung Ha CHUN)