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[hts-users:04446] KLD-based state mapping


I've been testing the code for cross-lingual state mapping available at the EMIME website and I'm having some problems. After getting the KLD mapping and the modified “dec.base” files for both cmp and dur (transform mapping approach), I get the following error when I run the HMGenS command:

ERROR [+999]  CheckBaseClass: Components missing from Base Class list (291 29558)

I guess I'm missing something or I did something wrong during the KLD mapping. I list below the steps I followed to obtain a Galician speaker in Spanish language, given the two corresponding average voice models (I will refer to the Spanish model as “es_hmm” and to the Galician model as “gl_hmm”):

1. Run the KLD mapping for cmp and dur as follows:

./Distortion_cmp ../es_hmm/re_clustered_sat_all.cmp.ascii.mmf ../gl_hmm/re_clustered_sat_all.cmp.ascii.mmf 1 1 1 &> es_gl.cmp.KLD &

./KLD_dur ../es_hmm/re_clustered_sat_all.dur.ascii.mmf ../gl_hmm/re_clustered_sat_all.dur.ascii.mmf 1 &> es_gl.dur.KLD &

2. Apply mapping (“TransformMapping/2.ApplyMapping_t.plscript) using the following files:

For cmp:

my $mappingFile = "../KLD\ Calculation/es_gl.cmp.KLD";
my $targetLanguage = "../es_hmm/re_clustered_sat_all.cmp.ascii.mmf";
my $sourceLanguage = "../gl_hmm/re_clustered_sat_all.cmp.ascii.mmf";
my $inBaseFile = "../gl_hmm/dec.cmp.base";
my $outBaseFile = "../gl_hmm/es_dec.cmp.base";

For dur:

my $mappingFile = "../KLD\ Calculation/es_gl.dur.KLD";
my $targetLanguage = "../es_hmm/re_clustered_sat_all.dur.ascii.mmf";
my $sourceLanguage = "../gl_hmm/re_clustered_sat_all.dur.ascii.mmf";
my $inBaseFile = "../gl_hmm/dec.dur.base";
my $outBaseFile = "../gl_hmm/es_dec.dur.base";

3. Run the HMGenS command:

HMGenS -A -B -C es_hmm/syn.cnf -D -T 2 -S es_hmm/gen.scp -t 1500 100 5000 -h ${SPKRPAT} -c 0 -H es_hmm/re_clustered_sat_all.cmp.mmf -N es_hmm/re_clustered_sat_all.dur.mmf -M es_hmm/gen/SAT+dec_feat3/0 -a -J gl_hmm/models/cmp/xforms SAT+dec_feat3 -H gl_hmm/es_dec.cmp.base -H es_hmm/dec.cmp.tree -b -Y gl_hmm/models/dur/xforms SAT+dec_feat3 -N gl_hmm/es_dec.dur.base -N es_hmm/dec.dur.tree es_hmm/cmp.tiedlist es_hmm/dur.tiedlist

Any idea to solve the problem?


Carmen Magariños

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