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[hts-users:04454] Re: Running HTS Demo for English

I downloaded the "HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT" file from your website. I should install this file? which part is for putting my voices?


On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 3:00 PM, Rasmus Dall <R.Dall@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Samples should already have ben generated under the "gen" folder in your hts-demo directory.

If you want to syntehsise additional samples you can use hts engine with the generated voice in the "voice" directory of hts-demo.

- Rasmus

Quoting Atlas Khan <atlaskhan90@xxxxxxxxx> on Wed, 18 Jan 2017 02:26:37 +0500:


I am running HTS demo for English provided on HTS website. I installed
Festival, SPTK, hts_engline_API before running demo. I ran following
commands after this.



The output of make ends like this

# Generating a generation label script

rm -f scp/gen.scp

for lab in
do \

echo ${lab} >> scp/gen.scp; \


make[1]: Leaving directory

echo "Running a training/synthesis perl script (Training.pl) in

Running a training/synthesis perl script (Training.pl) in background....

/usr/bin/perl scripts/Training.pl scripts/Config.pm > log 2>&1 &

Now when training is complete, how can I test this system by generating
some example sounds?

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