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[hts-users:04468] New dataset available for French TTS

Dear speech synthesis enthusiast,

We are pleased to inform you that a new high quality French speech database is freely available at:

Short description:
The SIWIS French Speech Synthesis Database includes high quality French speech recordings and associated text files, aimed at building TTS systems, investigate multiple styles, and emphasis. A total of 9750 utterances from various sources such as parliament debates and novels were uttered by a professional French voice talent. A subset of the database contains emphasised words in many different contexts. The database includes more than ten hours of speech data and is freely available.

Please feel free to distribute this announcement on other relevant mailing lists.

Best Regards,
Pierre-Edouard Honnet

on behalf of: Pierre-Edouard Honnet, Alexandros Lazaridis, Philip N. Garner and Junichi Yamagishi

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