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[hts-users:04471] could you help me check problem in the log file

I run HTS-2.3.1 in my own lanuage and get “log file ” after run "make voice " , 
the dnn test result(http://u.163.com/Vpp6ml44      code: 4NPEW6ZY) is no better than 1mix (http://u.163.com/cM5g5jwx       code: uZDN7fRc) or hts_engine(http://u.163.com/sLnh1Vaq      code: jDu7xjgv) in attachment.
could you help me to determine the problem  according to the log file(http://u.163.com/Tbh4WNHN      code: oLhD9bIv) ?
Thank you!