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[hts-users:04476] Re: Question about questions & data/configs about HTS-2.3.1


the configuration file has been introduced for the use of the DNN introduced into HTS 2.3.1. HTS 2.3 is not using DNN. As HTS 2.3.1 is still using HMM to get the duration, the question file is still needed to build the decision tree. Therefore, the authors of HTS decided, to keep the consistency between everything, to generate the question files (normal and utt) from the configuration file. To achieve this, a new script was introduced : "data/scripts/makequestion.pl". The configuration file coupled with the labels are used to produce the input feature files for the DNN training. To summarize, if you plan to use only HTS 2.3 and you have a question file just keep it. If you want to use 2.3.1 you should create the configuration file.

To answer more properly to your question, the difference between the configuration and the questions file consists about to things:
  1. for everything you have to transform QS "<question_name>" to <question_name>
  2. for the questions about counting (like the nb_syllables...) you have to create only one instance of the question file following the forward like the one in this example : Seg_Fw {*@%d_*} MIN=1 MAX=7
     - Seg_Fw is the question name
     - *@ is the left separator
     - %d should be indicated as you expect an int
     - _* is the right separator
     - MIN is the min value here you set it to 1
     - MAX is the max value here you set it to 7.

You can make a script to automatize this part.

Good luck,

On Sun, Feb 12 2017 (09:07), IMUCS_liurui <liurui_imu@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> I found a different place between HTS-2.3 and 2.3.1:
> In HTS-2.3, there is no data/configs file,
> How to generate the configs file  (in HTS -2.3.1  )   according the questions file ( in HTS-2.3.1)
> for my own language(not english) if I want run 2.3.1 for my own language.
> Thank you very much!

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