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[hts-users:04491] Interspeech2017, Special Session on Incremental Speech Processing

[Apologies if you have received multiple copies of this announcement. Please forward this information to interested colleagues.]

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am pleased to inform you that the special session on "Incremental Processing and Responsive Behaviour", has been accepted at the upcoming Interspeech 2017. 

We kindly invite you to submit your contribution related to the special session scope and topics. 

Please, note that the paper submission deadline is Tuesday, 14 March 2017 (regular deadline of Interspeech).

Best regards 



Call for Paper INTERSPEECH 2017 Special session on “Incremental Processing and Responsive Behaviour“

Incremental processing – i. e., the online, and ideally real-time processing of streams of information about an ongoing event, as it happens – has become a highly relevant research area. Is is particularly true for speech, which is an inherently sequential medium, and in interactive situations, where responsivity is key. Incremental processing techniques are used across speech recognition and synthesis, voice conversion, understanding, generation, syntax parsing, machine translation, and in applications such as dialogue systems, situated and multimodal interaction, robotics, or speech-to-speech translation.

The aspect of incrementality is largely orthogonal to the typical session/topic layout at Interspeech and hence work on incremental processing is usually spread over a multitude of sessions at Interspeech (and related conferences), which leads to a fragmentation of expertise and discussions. Our special session sets out to unite the spread-out field in order to provide a venue for joint discussion of incrementality itself rather than having to focus on the individual problems tackled.

We are inviting researchers interested in incrementality in all its aspects such as:
·      solving specific problems of automatic speech and language processing in an incremental fashion
·      methodology and theory of incremental processing including its evaluation

·      psycholingiustic findings and interaction of modalities
·      predictive/reactive frameworks and the integration of incrementality into systems
·      researching the influence on interactions in end-to-end systems (as well as human-human interaction)
·      reactive/human-centered machine learning

·      reactive behaviour based on partial understanding, and more.

The topic of our special session is to be connected with a follow-up special issue in Computer, Speech & Language.

We invite you to submit original papers on any of the research themes listed above. When submitting papers, please make sure that you select scientific area topic: [11.13] Special Session on " Incremental Processing and Responsive Behaviour" in the INTERSPEECH 2017 submission system.

Sincerely yours,

Timo Baumann, Thomas Hueber, David Schlangen


Thomas Hueber, Ph. D. 

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