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[hts-users:04516] Re: Window Coefficients (lf0.win1 etc)

Hi Emil,

I happen to publish a paper discussing many possible forms of window coefficients, which may explain well why and how window coefficients should be configured. 

Yang Wang, and Jianhua Tao, “Evaluation of Parameter Generation Using High Order Dynamic Features and Long Span Windows for HMM based Speech Synthesis”, Proc. ISCSLP, 2014, pp. 516-520

You can find the full paper through my outdated homepage: www.escience.cn/people/yangwang

Hope this is useful to deepen our understanding on this specific topic.

Best regards,

On 27 March 2017 at 17:22, Emil Yonkov <yonkove@xxxxxx> wrote:

I'm having trouble finding documentation on the purpose of the window coefficients (like lf0.win1, mgc.win1 etc), 

It seems that win1, win2 and win3 are the same for lf0 and mgc. If anybody can explain this, or refer me to some material regarding this I would be grateful


[hts-users:04514] Window Coefficients (lf0.win1 etc), Emil Yonkov