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[hts-users:04518] Speech Processing Courses in Crete 2017 [SPCC17]

This is an announcement for the 2017 Speech Processing Courses:


                                July 24-28 2017, Crete Greece

on the latest developments of the speech synthesis engines towards intelligible and conversational spoken agents.
We have put together an excellent program (http://spcc.csd.uoc.gr/program.html) from top researchers in the field (http://spcc.csd.uoc.gr/lecturers.html)

Do you want to:

  • Know about the latest developments in Deep Learning for Speech Processing and Acoustic Modelling?
  • Learn how to apply Deep Learning for Text Analysis and Prosody Modelling and Generation?
  • Put your hands on Wavenet and its fast versions?
  • Check the latest developments  on Voice Modifications and Speech Representations with potential applications to intelligibility and cognitive effort measurements?
  • Meet experts and world leaders in speech technology from top industry labs (Google, IBM, Toshiba, …) and Academia (Univ. of Edinburgh, Univ. of Crete ….)?
  • Present your innovative product/service to Industry Senior Researchers and get feedback?

If "yes!", we are looking forward to welcome you to Crete. Places are very limited and they go very fast.

Please find attached the leaflet of the school.

Best regards

The SPCC2017 Organizing Committee

Attachment: The Summer School on Speech Synthesis 2017-Leaflet.pdf
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