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[hts-users:04519] too few observation sequences

Hi hts-users,

We are training a new voice and running into this error:

 ERROR [+2121]  HInit: Too Few Observation Sequences [0]
 FATAL ERROR - Terminating program /proj/tts/hts-2.3/htk/HTKTools/HInit
Error in /proj/tts/hts-2.3/htk/HTKTools/HInit     -A    -C /proj/tts/voices/babel/amharic_female/configs/qst001/ver1/trn.cnf -D -T 1 -S /proj/tts/voices/babel/amharic_female/data/scp/train.scp                -m 1 -u tmvw    -w 5000  -H /proj/tts/voices/babel/amharic_female/models/qst001/ver1/cmp/init.mmf -M /proj/tts/voices/babel/amharic_female/models/qst001/ver1/cmp/HInit -I /proj/tts/voices/babel/amharic_female/data/labels/mono.mlf -l dw -o dw /proj/tts/voices/babel/amharic_female/proto/qst001/ver1/state-5_stream-4_mgc-105_lf0-3.prt

We understand that this error may happen because of too few examples of the phoneme, or because they don't each contain enough frames, but we have more than 3 examples of this phoneme in our data (the minimum specified in the HTK book) and they all contain more than 5 frames (which sounds like the minimum required according to other posts on this list) -- is there any other reason why this error may occur?


[hts-users:04520] Re: too few observation sequences, Heiga ZEN (Byung Ha CHUN)