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what you need for HTS are :
 - the questions
 - the labels (full & mono)
 - the audio

The utt are used as an input for festival to generate the labels. Therefore, you do not need festival if you have another way to generate the labels and the questions files.

To generate the questions and the labels files there is no universal recipe it depends on your language. If it is a phone-based language, you should at least you a tri-phoneme context in order to capture coarticulation. For the rest of the descriptive features it depends on what you can have and what is important for your language.

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On Sun, Jul 16 2017 (07:15), Atlas Khan <atlaskhan90@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I am working on Speech Synthesis for language which do not have any type of support in Festival. It has different phonemes and Lexicons than English. I have recordings in *raw *format. As per my knowledge, I need following
types of data for speech synthesis with HTS.

   1. questions
   2. labels (full and mono)
   3. utt

I want to ask how can I prepare questions, labels for language which have different lexicon and phonemes than English. If I need Festival for generating that data, than how can I do for language for which Festival do
not have any support.


Atlas Khan

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