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[hts-users:04570] JSUT: free large-scale Japanese speech corpus

Dear speech researchers,

We are pleased to inform you that a new large-scale Japanese speech database ("JSUT corpus") is freely available at: 

This corpus consists of Japanese text (transcription) and 10 hours of reading-style speech. The speech data is sampled at 48kHz and recorded in our anechoic room. we recorded voices of a native Japanese female speaker. 

The speech data may be used for 

 - Research by academic institutions

 - Non-commercial research, including research conducted within commercial organizations 

 - Personal use, including blog posts. 

If you want to use for commercial purposes, please contact me (shinnosuke_takamichi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). 

Best Regards, 


Shinnosuke Takamichi, Ph.D.

 Project Research Associate of the University of Tokyo


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