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[hts-users:04575] رد: Adding new voices to Festival

I solved this by writing ($) before this command: FESTVOXDIR/src/diphones/setup_diphone cmu ja awb

It's important to implement the command.

من: Nora Qm <NoraQm@xxxxxxxxxx>
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إلى: hts-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
‏‏الموضوع: [hts-users:04573] Adding new voices to Festival


I was  trained the  HTS demo with English, now I want to train HTS with my own language. Thus, I tried to add the new voices to the festival to create full-context labels for my language, I followed the steps on the this page:


When I wrote this command ($FESTVOXDIR/src/diphones/setup_diphone cmu ja awb), then the error was occurred: 

-bashcmu: command not found

 How to solve this kind of error?


[hts-users:04573] Adding new voices to Festival, Nora Qm