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[hts-users:01977] Some issues concerning the question file

Hello everybody,

I have some questions concerning the question file...

I know I have to adjust it for the language of choice (Polish) but there are still some things I am not sure about.

The first question is:
Do I only change the phones or do I also redefine the categories of questions? Can I remove add them? In Polish there are no diphtongs (lets assume) so should I remove QS "LL-Dipthong_Vowel" or just leave it empty? There is an additional category "Trill" so shall I add a question QS "LL-Trill_Consonant"? and so on.. What does the name of a question depend on? Is Diphtong_Vowel an abstract name or is it taken from somewhere?

Are the questions phoneset dependent (as defined in Festival)? I mean the categories Diphtong_Vowel, Front_Vowel, etc..

I also have doubts about the GPOS questions. In my clunits corpora I have no POS tagging so shall I remove those questions?

I assume that questions can be deleted, added and modified freely, the names/categories are defined by user so there is no naming convention... but I still want to make sure.

Sorry for lack of essential knowledge and therefore ridiculous questions.

Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards,

Tomasz Kuczmarski

e-mail: faqster@xxxxxxxxx
skype : faqster

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