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[hts-users:01976] Re: the DR command of HHEd

On 11 May 2009, at 10:53, Hui LIANG (Tienshyang) wrote:

Could anyone recommend a paper which elaborates the process of converting decision trees to a regression tree (i.e., how the DR command of HHEd works)?

Actually I have found a paper from the references of the HTS Manual written by Dr. Heiga Zen on 27th June 2008:

"J. Yamagishi, M. Tachibana, T. Masuko, and T. Kobayashi. Speaking style adaptation using context clustering decision tree for HMMbased
speech synthesis, in Proc. of ICASSP, Pages 5–8, 2004."

where however there are few details.

The paper was written in 2003, and then the idea was implemented as
the DR commands for HTS 2.0 in 2006.
This is a very simple idea to perform tying of linear transform on the decision tree built for tying of Gaussians. So subsets of context decision trees are used for tying of linear transforms.

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