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[hts-users:01995] Re: Periodogram has "0"

В Чтв, 28/05/2009 в 19:58 +0200, Tomasz Kuczmarski пишет:
> Hello everybody!
> During the training set up part I get the following warning:
> make training data db_v_B0048.cmp from db_v_B0048.raw 
> mcep : periodogram has '0', use '-e' option to floor it!
> What does it mean? 

If audio file has period of complete silence mcep calculation gets
broken due to numerical errors (logarithm is taken from zero). To avoid
this usually small value is added to the energy

> Where do I use this "-e" option?
> Can I still proceed getting this warning?

To the call of mcep binary obviously :) In demo's makefile it's
something like


[hts-users:01994] Periodogram has "0", Tomasz Kuczmarski