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[hts-users:02028] Re: HTS Training Error

It most likely comes from the vocoding stage, depending on the type of coefficients you trained.
I first observed this on some sentences when using MGC-LSP coefficients. 
Basically,I'd think you've come up with an unstable filter.
Can you please confirm the type of coefficients you've used ?
2009/6/18 wangxiang <wangxiang68@xxxxxxxxx>
The log file seems right, and the training process is done.

But the synthesized wave is just slience.  And the sp file bu SPTK in
the synthesis stage has the matrix format:

NaN     NaN     NaN
NaN     NaN     NaN
NaN     NaN     NaN ..

Which has the obvious number overflow?

Can anyone tell me where to locate the problem?


Xiang Wang
Institue Of Acoustics, CAS

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