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[hts-users:02047] Re: poor quality of short sentences

It's all in the speech database.

If you don't have any 1 or 2 word training material, bad things can happen.
For example, for 1 word utterance the first word is also the last word.
Then you have a question like "last word in the utterance" early on in
your tree(s), and a less-than-optimal path gets chosen... For example
utterance final stuff is usually lengthened, and this lengthening spreads
also to utterance initial areas, where (depending on the target language)
it should not be...


> Hi,
> I have built hts database for my language(persian).I have traind 500 utts
> and 500 raws.I didn't have  any problem during train. I have problem when
> I test short sentences(forexample 1 word(subject) or 2 word(suject and
> verb).Their quality is worse than bigger sentences.when I test the same
> word in bigger phrase with 3 or 4 words,the quality be better.whould you
> please help me?
> Best Regards
> S.B

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