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[hts-users:02164] Re: GPOS and TOBI questions

В Вск, 09/08/2009 в 01:15 +0300, Stas пишет:
> Hello,
> What do the following Part Of Speech and TOBI symbols mean?
> "0"                     {*/D:0_*}
> "aux"           {*/D:aux_*}
> "cc"            {*/D:cc_*}
> "content"       {*/D:content_*}
> "det"           {*/D:det_*}
> "in"            {*/D:in_*}
> "md"            {*/D:md_*}
> "pps"           {*/D:pps_*}
> "punc"          {*/D:punc_*}
> "to"            {*/D:to_*}
> "wp"            {*/D:wp_*}
Probably it's easier to get this by example:

(set! english_guess_pos
      '((in of for in on that with by at from as if that against about
            before because if under after over into while without
            through new between among until per up down)
        (to to)
        (det the a an no some this that each another those every all any
             these both neither no many)
        (md will may would can could should must ought might)
        (cc and but or plus yet nor)
        (wp who what where how when)
        (pps her his their its our their its mine)
        (aux is am are was were has have had be)
        (punc "." "," ":" ";" "\"" "'" "(" "?" ")" "!")

Here the word guessed POS and the list of words for this part of speech
is listed. Everything else is counted as content.

> and
> C-Phrase_TOBI_End-tone-LL"      {*|L-L%/I:*}
> C-Phrase_TOBI_End-tone-LH"          {*|L-H%/I:*}
> C-Phrase_TOBI_End-tone-HH"          {*|H-H%/I:*}
> C-Phrase_TOBI_End-tone-NONE"        {*|NONE/I:*}
> C-Phrase_TOBI_End-tone-0"           {*|0/I:*}

The ToBI system is described in any textbook which you can read. Here
for example:


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