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[hts-users:02165] Re: HInit in Trainning.pl

В Вск, 09/08/2009 в 12:35 +0300, Stas пишет:
> Javi,
> Thank you for your response. 
> How much data (~1000 samples, ~10000 samples, more) may be
> sufficient in order to have robust models without HINIT, HEREST? 
> Can you please provide me more information?

What is "robust"? 10 ms average mistake in label boundary, 11 ms, 12
ms? :)

Really you either have labels which is good for TTS or don't have
them/don't want to create them which is often several percents worse in
MOS terms. It takes a lot time to hand-label the db, so it's up to you
to decide if you need it.

Another solution would be to segment a little part of the DB (say, 30
utterances), bootstrap a models from this part and force align the rest
of the db to get more accuracy.

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