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[hts-users:02308] Re: question on dumpfeats

Thanks Nickolay.

Now It became clear for me.But Now I have another question. I searched in hts mailing list and I found that utt2lab is used for converting utt into htk-style format but I've used "make" command to provide inputs for hts training and when gv,mgc,cmp,f0,labels,scp and list folders were built I used (usr/bin/perl scripts/training.pl scripts/config.pm) command to train.I found that for extracting monophone and full context labels from utt files,"dumpfeats"  in festival/examples and then init.scm in festival and then ...are called.I can't find where and when  is "utt2lab"  used???

Best Regards

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Subject: Re: [hts-users:02305] question on dumpfeats
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В Срд, 09/12/2009 в 00:50 -0800, Angelina Anderson пишет:
> Hi,
> I know Festival's dumpfeats and utt2lab.sh are used to convert
> festival-style utterance files into HTK-style labels.

Hello Angelina

> Now I want to know if all the utt information like "f0 131.315 ; pos 1.34664 ;
> 130 id _119 ; f0 121.315 ; pos 1.33664 ;
> 131 id _117 ; f0 133.147 ; pos 0.862565 ; " is necessary for converting into htk-style label formats??

No, it's not needed

> which information in utt is used for converting into htk-style label??

You can find the list of features used inside utt2lab script

> Does hts use duration information in utt built in festival?


> IS hts training result dependent on which duration method in festival is used?



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