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[hts-users:03394] Re: How to construct full size decision tree


When the variance is too small in the clustering,
the likelihood is not calculated using variance floors.
So full size trees are not constructed.

I'll fix it in next version of HTS. Thank you for your report.

Shinji Takaki

2012/7/2 Takamichi Shinnosuke <shinnosuke-t@xxxxxxxxxxx>


I am that are using HTS sample scripts (Jpn).
I want to construct full size decision trees by TB command of HHEd.
 (e.g., TB Stats 10000->10000[100.0%])

So, I have set the values of
%mdlf{'mgc'} = 0.0   # tree size control param. for MDL
%mocc{'mgc'} = 0.0   # minimum  occupancy counts .

However, the constructing decision trees stopped at near 90%.
What is the reason of this ?

I shall be very thankful for help.

Shinnosuke Takamichi.

[hts-users:03377] How to construct full size decision tree, Takamichi Shinnosuke