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[hts-users:03437] Postdoctoral Research Associate in Speech Technology

Postdoctoral Research Associate 
The Centre for Speech Technology Research

The Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh invites applications for a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Speech Technology supported by the JST CREST grant uDialogue. uDialogue is a joint project with the Nagoya Institute of Technology in Japan, funded by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). The overall goal of the uDialogue project is the development of spoken dialogue systems based on user-generated content, and the project contains research on speech synthesis, speech recognition, and spoken dialogue. You will be concerned with various research problems of dialogue content processing, such as multiparty dialogue systems and learning of the structure of the dialogues. You will also be concerned with the development of spoken dialogue systems including avatars for UK English in the uDialogue project. 

You should have or be near completion a PhD in speech processing, computer science, linguistics, engineering, mathematics, or a related discipline. You must have a background in statistical modelling and machine learning, research experience in speech recognition, speech synthesis and/or dialogue, excellent programming skills, and research publications in international journals or conferences. 

Experience in acoustic modelling or language modelling for speech recognition, speech synthesis or spoken dialogue systems is essential. A background in one or more of the following areas is also desirable: multilingual speech recognition; adaptation techniques for acoustic or language modelling; experience of the design, construction and evaluation of speech recognition, speech synthesis systems or dialogue system; distant speech recognition; microphone array; dialogue management and learning; familiarity with software tools including HTK, Julius, Kaldi, HTS, or Festival; and; familiarity with computer graphics and its programming skill such as openGL. 

Informal inquiries to Prof Steve Renals <s.renals@xxxxxxxx> and Dr Junichi Yamagishi <jyamagis@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Apply online: https://www.vacancies.ed.ac.uk

Closing date: 22nd November 2012

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