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[hts-users:03443] new training

I try to train HTS with arabic database
i build labels mono and full and i have a file .raw
after configuration and make  I find as a result and a file gen is empty

mohamed@mohamed-Inspiron-1545:~/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT$ make
make[1]: entrant dans le répertoire « /home/mohamed/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/data »
# Extracting MGC or MGC-LSP coefficients from raw audio
mkdir -p mgc
for raw in raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_*.raw; do \
        base=`basename ${raw} .raw`; \
        min=`/usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +sf ${raw} | /usr/local/SPTK/bin/minmax | /usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +fa | head -n 1`; \
        max=`/usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +sf ${raw} | /usr/local/SPTK/bin/minmax | /usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +fa | tail -n 1`; \
        if [ -s ${raw} -a ${min} -gt -32768 -a ${max} -lt 32767 ]; then \
            /usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +sf ${raw} > tmp; \
            if [ 0       -eq 0 ]; then \
                echo "Extracting MGC coefficients from ${raw}"; \
                /usr/local/SPTK/bin/frame -l 400    -p 80  tmp | \
                /usr/local/SPTK/bin/window -l 400    -L 2048      -w 1  -n 1   | \
                /usr/local/SPTK/bin/mcep -a 0.42    -m 34    -l 2048      -e 1.0E-08 > mgc/${base}.mgc; \
            else \
                echo "Extracting MGC-LSP coefficients from ${raw}"; \
                SAMPKHZ=`expr 16000    / 1000`; \
                if [ 1      -eq 1 ]; then \
                    GAINOPT="-l"; \
                fi; \
                /usr/local/SPTK/bin/frame -l 400    -p 80  tmp | \
                /usr/local/SPTK/bin/window -l 400    -L 2048      -w 1  -n 1   | \
                /usr/local/SPTK/bin/mcep -a 0.42    -c 0       -m 34    -l 2048      -e 1.0E-08 -o 4 | \
                /usr/local/SPTK/bin/lpc2lsp -m 34    -s ${SAMPKHZ} ${GAINOPT} -n 2048      -p 8 -d 1.0E-08 > mgc/${base}.mgc; \
            fi; \
            if [ -n "`/usr/local/SPTK/bin/nan mgc/${base}.mgc`" ]; then \
                echo " Failed to extract MGC coefficients from ${raw}"; \
                rm -f mgc/${base}.mgc; \
            fi; \
        fi; \
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0001.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0002.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0003.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0004.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0005.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0006.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0007.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0008.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0009.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0010.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0011.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0012.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0013.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0014.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0015.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0016.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0017.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0018.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0019.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0020.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0021.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0022.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0023.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0024.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0025.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0026.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0027.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0028.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0029.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0030.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0031.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0032.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0033.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0034.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0035.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0036.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0037.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0038.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0039.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0040.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0041.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0042.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0043.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0044.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0045.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0046.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0047.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0048.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0049.raw
Extracting MGC coefficients from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0050.raw
rm -f tmp
# Extracting log f0 sequence from raw audio
mkdir -p lf0
for raw in raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_*.raw; do \
        base=`basename ${raw} .raw`; \
        min=`/usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +sf ${raw} | /usr/local/SPTK/bin/minmax | /usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +fa | head -n 1`; \
        max=`/usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +sf ${raw} | /usr/local/SPTK/bin/minmax | /usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +fa | tail -n 1`; \
        if [ -s ${raw} -a ${min} -gt -32768 -a ${max} -lt 32767 ]; then \
            echo "Extracting f0 from ${raw}"; \
            count=`echo "0.005 * 16000   " | /usr/bin/bc -l`; \
            /usr/local/SPTK/bin/step -l `printf "%.0f" ${count}` -v 0.0 | \
            /usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +fs > tmp.head; \
            count=`echo "0.025 * 16000   " | /usr/bin/bc -l`; \
            /usr/local/SPTK/bin/step -l `printf "%.0f" ${count}` -v 0.0 | \
            /usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +fs > tmp.tail; \
            cat tmp.head ${raw} tmp.tail | \
            /usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +sf > tmp; \
            leng=`/usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +fa tmp | /usr/bin/wc -l`; \
            /usr/local/SPTK/bin/nrand -l ${leng} | /usr/local/SPTK/bin/sopr -m 50   | /usr/local/SPTK/bin/vopr -a tmp | \
            /usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +fs > tmp.raw; \
            /usr/bin/tclsh scripts/getf0.tcl -l -lf0 -H 280     -L 110     -p 80  -r 16000    tmp.raw | \
            /usr/local/SPTK/bin/x2x +af > lf0/${base}.lf0; \
            if [ -n "`/usr/local/SPTK/bin/nan lf0/${base}.lf0`" ]; then \
                echo " Failed to extract log f0 from ${raw}"; \
                rm -f lf0/${base}.lf0; \
            fi; \
        fi; \
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0001.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0002.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0003.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0004.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0005.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0006.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0007.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0008.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0009.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0010.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0011.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0012.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0013.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0014.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0015.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0016.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0017.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0018.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0019.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0020.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0021.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0022.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0023.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0024.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0025.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0026.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0027.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0028.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0029.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0030.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0031.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0032.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0033.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0034.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0035.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0036.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0037.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0038.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0039.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0040.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0041.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0042.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0043.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0044.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0045.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0046.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0047.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0048.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0049.raw
Extracting f0 from raw/cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0050.raw
rm -f tmp tmp.head tmp.tail tmp.raw
# Composing training data files from mgc and lf0 files
mkdir -p cmp
for j in 1; do \
        MGCDIM=`expr 34    + 1`; \
        LF0DIM=1; \
        MGCWINDIM=`expr 3 \* ${MGCDIM}`; \
        LF0WINDIM=`expr 3 \* ${LF0DIM}`; \
        BYTEPERFRAME=`expr 4 \* \( ${MGCWINDIM} + ${LF0WINDIM} \)`; \
        for mgc in mgc/cmu_us_arctic_slt_*.mgc; do \
            base=`basename ${mgc} .mgc`; \
            MGCWINS=""; \
            LF0WINS=""; \
            if [ -s ${mgc} -a -s lf0/${base}.lf0 ]; then \
                i=1; \
                echo "Composing training data for ${base}"; \
                while [ ${i} -le 3 ]; do \
                    eval MGCWINS=\"${MGCWINS} win/mgc.win${i}\"; \
                    i=`expr ${i} + 1`; \
                done; \
                /usr/bin/perl scripts/window.pl ${MGCDIM} ${mgc} ${MGCWINS} > cmp/tmp.mgc; \
                i=1; \
                while [ ${i} -le 3 ]; do \
                    eval LF0WINS=\"${LF0WINS} win/lf0.win${i}\"; \
                    i=`expr ${i} + 1`; \
                done; \
                /usr/bin/perl scripts/window.pl ${LF0DIM} lf0/${base}.lf0 ${LF0WINS} > cmp/tmp.lf0; \
                /usr/local/SPTK/bin/merge +f -s 0 -l ${LF0WINDIM} -L ${MGCWINDIM} cmp/tmp.mgc < cmp/tmp.lf0 > cmp/tmp.cmp; \
                /usr/bin/perl scripts/addhtkheader.pl 16000    80  ${BYTEPERFRAME} 9 cmp/tmp.cmp > cmp/${base}.cmp; \
            fi; \
        done; \
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0001
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0002
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0003
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0004
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0005
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0006
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0007
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0008
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0009
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0010
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0011
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0012
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0013
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0014
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0015
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0016
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0017
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0018
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0019
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0020
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0021
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0022
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0023
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0024
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0025
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0026
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0027
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0028
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0029
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0030
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0031
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0032
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0033
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0034
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0035
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0036
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0037
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0038
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0039
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0040
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0041
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0042
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0043
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0044
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0045
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0046
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0047
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0048
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0049
Composing training data for cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0050
rm -f cmp/tmp*
# Generating monophone and fullcontext Master Label Files (MLF)
echo "#!MLF!#" > labels/mono.mlf
echo "\"*/cmu_us_arctic_slt_*.lab\" -> \"/home/mohamed/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/data/labels/mono\"" >> labels/mono.mlf
echo "#!MLF!#" > labels/full.mlf
echo "\"*/cmu_us_arctic_slt_*.lab\" -> \"/home/mohamed/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/data/labels/full\"" >> labels/full.mlf
# Generating a fullcontext model list file
mkdir -p lists
rm -f tmp
for lab in labels/full/cmu_us_arctic_slt_*.lab; do \
        if [ -s ${lab} -a -s labels/mono/`basename ${lab}` -a -s cmp/`basename ${lab} .lab`.cmp ]; then \
            sed -e "s/.* //g" ${lab} >> tmp; \
        fi \
sort -u tmp > lists/full.list
rm -f tmp
# Generating a fullcontext model list file which includes unseen models
rm -f tmp
cat lists/full.list > tmp
for lab in labels/gen/*.lab; do \
        sed -e "s/.* //g" ${lab} >> tmp; \
sort -u tmp > lists/full_all.list
rm -f tmp
# Generating a monophone list file
rm -f tmp
for lab in labels/mono/cmu_us_arctic_slt_*.lab; do \
        if [ -s ${lab} -a -s labels/full/`basename ${lab}` -a -s cmp/`basename ${lab} .lab`.cmp ]; then \
            sed -e "s/.* //g" ${lab} >> tmp; \
        fi \
sort -u tmp > lists/mono.list
rm -f tmp
# Generating a trainig data script
mkdir -p scp
rm -f scp/train.scp
for cmp in /home/mohamed/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/data/cmp/cmu_us_arctic_slt_*.cmp; do \
        if [ -s ${cmp} -a -s labels/mono/`basename ${cmp} .cmp`.lab -a -s labels/full/`basename ${cmp} .cmp`.lab ]; then \
            echo ${cmp} >> scp/train.scp; \
        fi \
# Generating a generation label script
rm -f scp/gen.scp
for lab in /home/mohamed/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/data/labels/gen/*.lab; do \
        echo ${lab} >> scp/gen.scp; \
make[1]: quittant le répertoire « /home/mohamed/HTS-demo_CMU-ARCTIC-SLT/data »
echo "Running a training/synthesis perl script (Training.pl) in background...."
Running a training/synthesis perl script (Training.pl) in background....
/usr/bin/perl scripts/Training.pl scripts/Config.pm > log 2>&1 &

thanks a lot

[hts-users:03445] Tr : new training, Mohamed Khalil
[hts-users:03446] new training, Mohamed Khalil
[hts-users:03441], Mohamed Khalil