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[hts-users:03508] Bug report about HTS2.2 straight Demo using lsp

Hi evryone:
    I have found and confirmed the bug that make HTS2.2 straight demo synthesized file silent. 
The 1909 line of the train.pl write as followed:

$line .= "$MGC2MGC -m " . ( $ordr{'mgc'} - 1 ) . " -a $fw -c $gm -n -u -M " . ( $ordr{'mgc'} - 1 ) . " -A $fw -C $gm " . " > $gendir/$base.c_mgc";

    the mgc2mgc should convert the lpc to c(m),but the mgc2mgc bug showed in the attachment is not fixed in the SPTK3.5. So you can update the mgc2mgc code to resolve the syn file problem. and there is another method to synthesize file successfully.
   You can merged the line 1909 and 1928  as one line just using mgc2sp like below:

$MGC2SP -a $fw -c $gm -n -u  -m " . ( $ordr{'mgc'} - 1 ) . " -l 1024 -o 2 $lpc > $gendir/$base.sp"

the $lpc is the file saved lsp2lpc output.  

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