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[hts-users:03507] Tr : ERROR [+7321] Unknown label

I have a big problem where I train HTS and I don't understand this error and I don't found the labels name's \nA0

helps me

Iteration 1 of Embedded Re-estimation

 Processing Data: cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0007.cmp; Label cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0007.lab
 Utterance prob per frame = 1.254176e+02
 Processing Data: cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0008.cmp; Label cmu_us_arctic_slt_a0008.lab
  ERROR [+7321]  CreateInsts: Unknown label n\A0
 FATAL ERROR - Terminating program /usr/local/HTS-2.2beta/bin/HERest

best regards