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[hts-users:02107] query lab files


I have created the .utt files (according to festival format with the help of .segments, .phrases, .syllable etc).
Is there any file which converts utt.file into .lab file, (example .lab file format given below) .
         0     620000 x^x-pau+pau=ao@x_x/A:0_0_0/B:x-x-x@x-x&x-x#x-x$x-x!x-x;x-x|x/C:0+0+0/D:0_0/E:x+x@x+x&x+x#x+x/F:0_0/G:0_0/H:x=x@1=2|0/I:0=0/J:14+8-2
Can anyone please provide me an example??

Thanks in Advance
Basha S M A

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