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[hts-users:03506] Re: Questions about straight demo using =?iso-2022-jp?b?bHNwGyRCISkbKEI=?=


I think that mgc2mgc bug in SPTK-3.5 cause the silence problem.

On the other hand, the energy difference between normal demo and
STRAIGHT demo looks normal.
The reason is that STRAIGHT seem to change the energy.

Keiichiro Oura

2012/11/29 ArthurLeo <bin007.zhao@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> HTS2.2 straight demo used lsp(gamma=0,alpha=0), the syn files are silent. I checked the parameter before training,the parameters after mgcep converting(sp to lpc), I guess it maybe the lpc, it is very small, especially the first in every frame, like 0.000100683, but lpc got from the common demo(not using straight sp coverting) is not so small, it is 2.26152 corresponding to the above data.
> Is it normal that lpc is so small using straight demo?

[hts-users:03501] Questions about straight demo using lsp?, ArthurLeo